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Course Description 

The aim of this course is to enable the candidate to know the basic principles of electrical science. This knowledge provides the foundation for electrical installations which can be applied when designing wiring systems for clients and when inspecting and testing electrical installations.

This course is accessible for a maximum of 12 months.

C&G 2365 Unit 202: Principles of Electrical Science Overview:

Learning Outcome 1 – Understand Mathematical Principles Which Are Appropriate to Electrical Installation, Maintenance and Design Work
Learning Outcome 2 – Understand Standard Units of Measurement Used in Electrical Installation, Maintenance and Design Work
Learning Outcome 3 – Understand Basic Mechanics and the Relationship Between Force, Work, Energy and Power
Learning Outcome 4 – Understand the Relationship Between Resistance, Resistivity, Voltage, Current and Power
Learning Outcome 5 – Understand the Fundamental Principles Which Underpin the Relationship Between Magnetism and Electricity
Learning Outcome 6 – Understand the Types, Applications and Limitations of Electronic Components in Electrical Systems and Equipment
End of Unit Exam 1
End of Unit Exam 2

Please take into account that City & Guilds Registration is required to take the exam at the end of this unit to complete the course. However, registration is a one-off purchase and once you have done so it is valid for ALL the 2365 Level 2 Units.