About our Online Electrical Training Courses

How do I access my Course?

When you purchase/enrol on a Course you will receive an email to confirm your Order and within it you will find a direct link to access your course


From here you can click on LOGIN and enter the Username & Password you used when purchasing your course.


When you have entered your details and clicked the ‘Log in’ button you will be directed to your MY PROFILE page where you will see the Course(s) you have purchased and now have access to.


When returning to access your course at any time come back to the XS Training Academy website and the LOGIN option will always be there for you to follow the same procedure.

How long will I have access to my Course?

Courses have varying access durations which are stated in the course details. The access duration begins upon purchase and is automatically rescinded once this time is reached.

Can I share access to a Course with a friend?

No. This is strictly forbidden, for obvious reasons, and against our Terms & Conditions. Anyone discovered doing this will have access to their Course(s) rescinded immediately and any saved work will be lost and unrecoverable.

Are there any other resources that will help me with my Course?

For the XS Training Academy 2391 courses you will require a Guidance Note 3 and the following books/documents are not a requirement, but would support your studies;

  • BS7671 18th Edition IET – Wiring Regulations
  • BS7671 18th Edition IET – Onsite Guide
  • HSE – GS38
  • Electricity at Work Regulation 1989

For the XS Training Academy AM2 course you will require a BS7671 18th Edition IET – Onsite Guide and the following books are not a requirement but would support your studies;

  • BS7671 18th Edition IET – Wiring Regulations
  • BS7671 18th Edition IET – Guidance Note 3
  • HSE – GS38
  • Building Regulations

For the XS Training Academy short courses the following are not a requirement, but would support your studies;

  • EIC, EICR, MEIWC – BS7671 18th Edition IET – Wiring Regulations / Guidance Note 3 and Onsite Guide
  • P.A.T – 5th Edition, IET Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment
How can I recover/reset my password?

If you have either lost or forgotten the password to access your account no problem, you can request a reset.

Select LOGIN from the Menu Bar and you will see a ‘Lost your password?‘ link on the left-hand side under the Login form.

From here you can follow the directions to request a Password Reset.

Do you offer a discount for multiple learners?

We would not be able to provide a discount to a small group of friends or colleagues working together, for example less than 10 people. However, if you are another training provider or large company then we would be happy to speak with you about our Corporate Licensing Agreement. Please do get in touch.

Do you offer a discount for multiple Courses?

If you’re an individual learner then we don’t offer a discount for purchasing two or more courses, even if together at one time. We may in the future ‘bundle’ two or more courses together but if we do they will be displayed and priced together on our ‘All Courses‘ page.

If you are a training centre or large employer interested in buying Courses for multiple learners then please do Get in touch with us directly.

What is your refund policy?

Being a digital online product which is fully accessible immediately on purchase, refunds can only be given in the following circumstances

  • within 7 days of purchase
  • if no more than 25% of the course has been completed
  • refunds can only be considered for courses costing £30 or more

This does not affect your statutory rights and please do get in touch with us in the first instance if you have any questions, problems or feedback on any of our Courses.

What certification will I receive upon completing my Course?

On completion of any course, you will be able to print off an XS Training Academy certificate. The 2391 and AM2 Online courses will provide you with the relevant information, knowledge, skills and prepare you for the exams at an external centre.

Short ‘Improvement’ Courses such as the EICR, EIC and MEIWC take you through how to complete relevant documentation. An XS Training Academy Certificate will be provided on completion of the course for you to print off.