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Course Description 

This course was previously known as the City & Guilds 2395.

This qualification helps you to develop the knowledge and practical skills required to carry out inspection and testing on electrical installations. The course covers appropriate legislation, inspection and testing techniques, completing and issuing certificates and understanding of results and measurements.

This course is accessible for a maximum of 6 months but doesn’t include the final exams which must be booked separately. 

C&G 2391-51 Periodic Inspection & Testing of Electrical Installations Overview:

Learning Outcome 1 – Understand the Requirements for Periodic Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installations
Learning Outcome 2 – Understand Safety Management Procedures When Undertaking Periodic Inspection and Testing
Learning Outcome 3 – Understand the Requirements for the Periodic Inspection of an Electrical Installation
Learning Outcome 4 – Understand the Requirements for Testing Electrical Installations During Periodic Inspection and Testing
Learning Outcome 5 – Perform Periodic Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installations (Unit 501)
Multi-choice Exam 1 (Unit 051)
Multi-choice Exam 2 (Unit 051)
Written Questions
Observation Questions

Assessment methods for the 2391-51 course include a short-written examination, an open book online multi-choice exam consisting of 40 questions and a practical assessment on a simulated installation and visual inspection.

C&G 2391-51 Course Suitability

Who is the qualification for?

It is aimed at practising electricians who have not carried out inspection and testing since qualifying or who require some update of training before going onto other City & Guilds qualifications.

The qualification is also suitable for those with limited experience of periodic inspection and testing of electrical installations, such as those entering the industry from other engineering disciplines or who have been working in allied trades.

What does the qualification cover?

This qualification prepares candidates for the periodic inspection and testing of electrical installation work.

How much experience do I need in Inspection and testing as an entry requirement?

This exam process is very difficult. You must have good levels of knowledge of inspection and testing prior to signing up for the course. You must also put into practice the knowledge gained whilst doing the 6-month course. Learners struggle in the practical assessment due to time constraints. The more practice you have at the testing process, alongside the course, the better chance you have of passing it first time.

City & Guilds cannot accept any registrations for learners under 18 as these qualifications are not approved for learners under 18.