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Course Description 

The purpose of this knowledge unit is for the candidate to gain knowledge of the underpinning principles and industry standards and requirements of electrical installation technology. They will know about sources of information and the types of information they provide about wiring systems. They will also know about earthing systems and the installation of wiring systems.

This course is accessible for a maximum of 12 months.

C&G 2365 Unit 203: Electrical Installations Technology Overview:

Learning Outcome 1 – Know Implications of Electrical Industry Regulations
Learning Outcome 2 – Know How To Obtain Technical Information
Learning Outcome 3 – Know wiring systems of electrical installations
Learning Outcome 4 – Know requirements earthing systems
Learning Outcome 5 – Know How Electricity is Supplied
Learning Outcome 6 – Know Requirements for Different Types of Micro-renewable Energies
End of Unit Exam

Please take into account that City & Guilds Registration is required to take the exam at the end of this unit to complete the course. However, registration is a one-off purchase and once you have done so it is valid for ALL the 2365 Level 2 Units.