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Course Description 

This course was previously known as the City & Guilds 2394.

This qualification helps you to develop the knowledge and practical skills required to carry out inspection and testing on electrical installations. The course covers appropriate legislation, inspection and testing techniques, completing and issuing certificates and understanding of results and measurements.

This course is accessible for a maximum of 6 months and includes the final exams.

C&G 2391-50 Initial Verification of Electrical Installations Overview:

Learning Objective 1 – Understand the Requirements for Initial Verification of Electrical Installations
Learning Objective 2 – Understand Safety Management Procedures When Undertaking Initial Verification
Learning Objective 3 – Understand the Requirements for the Initial Inspection of an Electrical Installation
Learning Objective 4 – Understand the Requirements for Testing Electrical Installations at Initial Verification
Learning Objective 5 – Perform Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installations (Unit 500)
Multi-choice Exam 1 (Unit 050)
Multi-choice Exam 2 (Unit 050)
Written Questions

Assessment methods for the 2391-50 course include a short-written examination, an open book online multi-choice exam consisting of 40 questions and a practical assessment on a simulated installation and visual inspection.

Current course examination centres (offered by XS Training) are – Bradford, Bristol, Bury St Edmunds, Harlow, Hull, Nottingham, Preston & Torfaen (South Wales).